Let’s do a recap of what 2017 put me through and what I’ve learnt from it.

  • Friends come and go

Don’t worry too much about who you loose and who sticks by your side. If they go then it was meant to be and it was definitely for the better.

  • Don’t doubt yourself

Trust your guts.

  • Believe in yourself

You’re not less than anybody, you can do everything you set your mind to.

  • Don’t change who you are

People may tell you you shouldn’t be like this, you shouldn’t act like that because of social norms. Do whatever you feel like doing, you can’t please everybody but you can please yourself.

  • Truth hurts but secret kill

That one I learnt from my friend, I’d rather know immediately than 3 months later about something. And goes without saying that you should be doing the same.

  • Tomorrow is already too late

If you want to do something, do it. Don’t wait for when you have more money, more time,  etc. you only have one life, don’t postpone the things you really want to do.

  • Don’t take anything for granted

Nothing stays forever the same, enjoy the little moments with your family/friends before it’s too late.

  • Work hard, play hard

It’s pretty self-explanatory. But it’s easier said than done.

  • Be patient

Life has a plan for you, trust it.

  • If life gives you lemon make lemonade

If you’re given an opportunity, take it, don’t think twice you might regret it afterwards.

  • Enjoy yourself

Have fun, don’t take life too seriously. It’s okay to go to a party a little now and then.

  • Don’t pressure yourself

Work hard yes, but don’t overwork. Don’t stress out over little things nor big things tbh. Take a deep breath and think on how to turn this around.

  • Nothing is easy

As I said, you need to work in order to play. Nothing will ever be easy, finding a job, passing finals, etc. Work and stay humble.

  • Fight for what’s worth it

If you think something/someone is worth it, fight for it. Don’t wait otherwise it might go away.

  • Give up anything that holds you back

Friends, furniture, anything. Don’t start 2018 with 2012 problems.

  • Be proud of who you are

You are what you are. Never be ashamed of that. In the end, we all become dust anyway.

  • Everything gets better

I know, we always say that. I’ve had the worst year ever, 2017 has been full of breakdowns. Yet I’m actually now seeing the end of the tunnel. Trust me, IT GETS BETTER. Don’t ever dare to give up.

and for a bonus : Love yourself, you did well, you did all you could and it’s ok.

In hopes of better days,



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