Hey guys,

As you know I’m a college student here in Belgium, and for those who don’t I study communication. Throughout the years, I found a routine that actually works for me so I decided to talk about it in my blog. Now, here in Belgium we have what we call the “Blocus”, which means that during 2 weeks you won’t have class and it will be the time determined for you to study. This year it’ll start on the 15th of December and my first exam will be around the 2nd of January (yes, we can’t celebrate Christmas nor the New Year properly). ALSO I’m one of these people that need music to study (classical or dubstep as long as there are no lyrics I’m fine) or some noise in the background so sometimes I’ll put a show like HIMYM (that I’ve probably rewatched like a 100 times, so I don’t really care about they say anymore) because otherwise I actually can’t focus because of the people talking (I know it’s weird but some people will get me)

Firstly, I don’t start my blocus on the 15th, I actually started it on the 27th of November. Why? It’s not that I started it, but the blocus is the moment where you have to study, so all your classes must already be summarize, highlighted and so on. So I start 2 weeks in advance to make sure that on the 15th I’ll be set to study and not be in a hurry because it didn’t make my synthesis on time. In this time period, I’ll be highlighting and summarizing each one of my syllabi and notes of each classes. That will allow me to already have a glimpse at what I’ll be studying next.

Now comes the part where you actually study. To be honest, I don’t really have a technique to remember all your classes. But I have my own ways to keep focus, and to (try) be productive. I use apps like “Focus Now” or “Study Break” on my phone and I use “Self Control” on my laptop. Focus Now is an app that grows plants (tomatoes, apples, …) during your study time, BUT if you open your phone to go on another app than this one your tree will immediately die, which to me is so upsetting. So I mostly use this app to not go on twitter, instagram, … during my study time (you can choose the amount of time you want to stay focus, the minimum is 25min). Study Break is an app that will keep track of how many minutes/hours you’ve been studying, it’s basically a timer. And Self Control is an app that blocks website for a certain amount of time, so I use it to block Netflix, twitter, instagram, … I don’t block facebook because I talk about the courses with my classmates on there.

Once you’ve studied during those 2 weeks, exam period will come by. During that time, I use the days between each exam to revise the last thing I didn’t get or the things that I can’t remember very well. I also do the ancient exams of these classes, but I give myself some time after the exam to sleep/do whatever, because my brain is pretty much dead after a final.

In hopes that it’ll be helpful,

Till next time,



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