I’m the procrastinator type. I always set things to the last minute, and end up hurrying my ass off when I could’ve been chilling. But this year #NewYearNewMe, I’ve decided to become more productive when it comes to uni, to posting or even in general normal life schedules. So far, it has been great. But I still have to figure out a posting schedule, because right now I’m just posting when I feel like it, but when I don’t I miss it. So it’s really bothering me, I really want to improve my blog. Anyway, this isn’t about my posting schedule (I’m working on it though #PinkyPromise), this is about ways to be more productive. So here are a list of things that helps me through the week.


Now this one is pretty basic, but I’ve started using this tip like 3days ago, and it changed my life. I don’t even know how, but my everyday tasks got done on the proper day, not 3days after I should’ve done it. Just by writing down goals for the day (goals that you can achieve in one day) and choosing accurate goals, it helped me through the day so much. Now I know what I have to do, and I don’t forget it. Don’t even get me started on how many things I forget, pretty sure I have short term memory loss hahah.


Now I actually work with 2 paper agendas and one on my phone. I have a small one for my purse, for everywhere I go, and another one on my desk at home that is much bigger so anytime I have something planned I can’t forget about it, because it’s written in 3 different places. And if I don’t always carry my small agenda, I always have everything noted in my Google Calendar app, something really great about this app is that you can share your calendar/meetings with the people involved. That’s what I do with my scouts reunions, I share the dates when we have a reunion and when we have meetings to prepare the reunion with the staff.

#3 My Study Life

Now this one is for all my college students over there. Actually it can also work for high school student so don’t worry. I’ve started using this app last year and it helps me so much with uni. You can add all your classes there, and you can have an overview of your schedule which if you’re like me and can’t remember where is your next class, or what teacher, … is perfect. And you can add your homework, study sessions and it’ll keep track on your progression of these.


Soooo, I am not a good example with that tip. I’m a night owl, so it’s pretty hard for me to sleep early therefore waking up early unless it’s a school day, then I’m up early but reaaaally tired. But those days that I go to bed at 22/23pm and that I wake up a 7am are the best. Because I have a full day ahead of me, 8hours of sleep and everything is good. I don’t feel tired, and my mind is more clear and I can do more stuff.  So I shall follow this advice a  little bit more that what I do now.


Whether it’s going to the gym, playing hockey or whatever. You should do something to release all your energy. Since the new year I haven’t gone to the gym not even once. I feel so bad about it, because I miss it. I miss the feeling you get after a good workout. Plus, you’ll sleep better if you give all of you on the field, because all your energy will be out and you’ll need to refill it, and so you’ll sleep better and better each day.

Till next time,





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