Last week, my cousin was here in Belgium with me. So we went on a little trip around the country. I took her to Brussels, Waterloo, Gand and Bruges. But in this article I’d like to focus on the last city. They call it “La Venise du Nord” here, why you may ask. Because as  Venice, Bruges has loads of canals around the city. I’ve never been to keen sightseeing things with my parents due to the fact that we never really took the time to wander around the city. We would just go and see what was important and then go home. This time I took the time to walk around the city and I loved it.

At first, we did what any true tourist would do, we took a boat and took a tour around the city, just to really get to know the important things before we went on our little personal tour.

Then we started walking, searching new spots for a good picture (she was in need of a new profile picture, and I just wanted some new picture for instagram)

I wanted to take a picture more tumblr than ever. So that’s why I’m looking at the horizon/church and the other one was right above the “Lac de l’Amour” actually I have a picture right in front of it.


I really liked this trip there in Bruges. I loved to walk around the city and see its wonders. I really suggest you that if you’re ever in Belgium, you need to go to Bruges. You must see the Beffroi, the Lake of Love, and to just walk around the canals. It’s not crowded and it so nice just to visit. I actually went to the Lion’s Mound in Waterloo with her and we stayed up there for like an hour because it was really peaceful and calm. And that’s what we did there in Bruges.

Till next time,




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