So we all know they are some pretty badass ladies. But they are also some badass moms. So here goes to the moms that can rock the world while still breastfeeding or having six children.


Say hello to the queen of being busy. She goes everywhere around the world while still having time to take of not only North but also newborn Saint West. I have never seen a family that have a oh-so tight schedule than the West family. Not only are Kanye and Kim really fashionable, but can we take a moment to appreciate dear North who is always rocking some reaaaaal good styles. #MILF$


QUEEN OF TWITTER SAY WHAAAT? Her tweets rule my twitter timeline. Whether it’s about the dear new president of the United States of America, or to tweet to her husband (aka John Legend) or even random tweets. You’ll be sure to laugh just looking at her feed. She also appeared on Fergie’s videoclip for her song MILF $.


Queen B, ayo. Do we really need to explain how awesome queen B is? Like seriously her pregnancy announcements say it all.


The MOMAGER by excellence. The girl had 6kids and fucking managed to turn a sextape into a career which even Paris Hilton didn’t manage to accomplish. Honestly you can take true advice of marketing, business, … from her.

Till next time,



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