There are many ways to express yourself. Some that you can show the entire world, others that you’d rather to keep to yourself due to how much they’re personal or just because you don’t want to show it.

Along the years, I’ve learnt to be creative, to be inspired and to not be scared of what I am and what I do. I’ve discovered many ways to express myself, whether it’s through a blog, youtube, theater and even journaling. Now I’m not an expert in journaling, quite not actually. I’ve started journaling in late December/beginning of January. I randomly decided that I wanted to start one during my study period, I was so tired of studying and wanted to emptied my mind so I just bought a notebook and started my journey.


It’s a way of emptying your mind, of creativeness, of freedom. It can be for pouring your heart out, or just taking a break from society. I started during my study period because that’s when my thoughts collided the most and it was a way of organizing them. There’s no better way to say what you want to say, to let it out than to write it down. That’s actually really therapeutic, writing down your thoughts, writing down everything that crosses your mind.


Now, I can’t tell you how to journal, because everyone journals different way. There are those that writes diaries every night talking about their days, the others that write their morning thoughts each and every morning. For me though, I write everything that crosses my mind, I paint, draw, doodle. I write down my bucket list, name’s I’d like for my future children, cities I’ve travelled to, cities I want to go, what makes me happy, what doesn’t…


Whenever you feel like it you know. No pressure (#JustinBieber) here. If you don’t want to write for 3days then don’t, if you don’t have inspiration chill out, nobody’s gonna kill you if you don’t write in your journal. It’s whenever you feel you want to.

Listen to me, it’ll help you if you’re going through some stuff, that’s actually how I got over a lot of things. It’s THERAPEUTIC. REALLY. Shrinks actually advice you to do so.

Till next time,



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