Let me tell you about a thing I absolutely adore : MY PHONE. If you don’t know, I’m ADDICTED (with capitals) to my phone like pretty much any teenager around the world. As a blogger, an instagram addict, a twitter freak I have to be on social media 24/7 or else I’d v go completely bonkers (which actually isn’t a bad thing, because as the Hatter said “all the best people are”). So here, let me list you my favorite apps (besides the obvious one like twitter, insta, blablabla) and see if we have some in common.

#1 WhatsApp (& Messenger)

This is probably the one I can’t live without. I don’t send text messages a lot, but I do send quite loads of WhatsApp/Messenger messages. I never been a great texter and not everyone here has iPhones so group messages on iMessage are not a huge thing here. So to text a group of friend I’ll create a WhatsApp group and done, we got it same for Messenger. I don’t use the Facebook app as much as the Messenger one.

#2 DailyHoroscope

Now if you’ve read my “ASTROLOGY, IS IT ACCURATE?” you know I sorta believe in astrology (if you didn’t you should check it out). So I need to have my horoscope app in my phone. Now I don’t check it everyday, but time to time I do, and it somehow helps me figured out how to organize my day,…

#3 Genius

Genius is my jam. Honestly I don’t know what I would do without this one. You listen to a song and the lyrics are there. You can karaoke all you want with that and let’s be real here what would life be without karaoke? I’ve discovered it not long ago, and I’ve been using it daily since. I’m kinda, sorta, obsessed with karaoke… #sorrynotsorry

#4 Buzzfeed

All those boring nights, study breaks, mental breakdowns would be nothing without a good Buzzfeed test. How many boyfriends will you have in 2017 according to your favorite disney princess? Ask Buzzfeed. How many times will you have sex next year according to your favorite disney song? Ask Buzzfeed. Kiss, Marry and Kill with Harry Potter’s characters? Ask Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed has all kind of test and all kinds of article that will lighten your day and your mood trust me.

#5 Netflix

How could I do this post without talking about BAE aka Netflix. Netflix and chill all day everyday. I don’t know what my life would be without it, and I seriously don’t want to know it’ll probably be something awful. Y’all know what Netflix is about, so I’m not gonna talk long about it. All you need to know is that Netflix is the shit. (period)

Till next time,




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