Hey peeps, I wanted to talk about one of my favorite topics everrrr. INSTAGRAM. More precisely how I edit my pictures. Now, I won’t qualify myself as an Instagram influencer/pro. But I got some tips&tricks for your feed.

I must admit though, I don’t really have a feed.

If you chec15276689_441028746284783_5145241134070497280_nk my instagram you will see that I’ve changed “themes” many times, but for the past couple weeks I’ve been sticking to one… if I can say so. I always use the same filter, except for my last picture which is a #nofilter one, because it was way to beautiful to put a filter on it (actually I whitened the building and the car because the white was ugly on them, but I didn’t touch the sky I swear!)

My favorite apps to use are : VSCO cam, Facetune 2 and Preview. So I know “Evie what the hell you use Facetune!?!”. Well yes I do, but just for the whitening effect to make the backgrounds whiter,.. (and sometimes my teeth hehe) but that’s all. I normally would use a A6 +10 on VSCO and I would adjust saturation, exposure and contrast as I please. Then I’ll use Preview to check which picture to post and in what order and if it goes well with the rest of my pictures already published. Sometimes I’ll delete a picture because it doesn’t go well with the rest #SueMe.

As I said, I’m not an Instagram expert/I don’t really have a specific feed. But I hope you’ll like it. I mean editing pictures is up to you, you have to play with the filters and see which on you prefer and then you try and adjust anything else to make it look good. Right now I’m in love with the A6 but who knows, maybe in 2months I’ll be in love with the F2.

Till next time,




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