I decided it was time I talk to you about those who give me inspiration whether it’s for fashion, beauty or lifestyle in general. So here are my 3 favorite Instagram accounts from here in Belgium.

#1 @MilkyWayBlueEyes

Honestly I discovered her quite recently, probably 3months ago, but I stalked her during 4 solid hours and now I’m up to date on her insta. Her name is Claire, she’s 22, she’s a law student. She started her blog in 2013. And has many followers on her insta page.

#2 @BarbaraSchoumacher

I actually went to high school with her plus I think I saw her in my university 3days ago haha. Back in high school I didn’t know she had such an influence on social media, I’m quite impress to be honest. I didn’t know her -still don’t- but she seemed like some other girl you see on the streets with a great sense of fashion. Well I was wrong, when I discovered her insta I realize I was REALLY wrong. She’s 20, living in Belgium (no idea what she’s studying though, but if she’s really in my uni and I guess she’s studying law).

#3 @JennaTP

Jenna is a model actually. But she turned out to be a reaaaal good influencer. She’s 19 I think. Her insta page is pretty dope. She has a blog with her boyfriend (whom is gorgeous btw). About her I can’t tell much, but she’s definitely someone I’d follow if I were you.

Rouge Expert Click Stick

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