As I live in Belgium, and as I study in Brussels I thought it would be a good idea to tell you my favorite spots there.

#1 Le Mont des Arts

Well that’s a basic, literally you get out from the Central Station and it’s on your left -if you get out from the main door- It is quite the place, there’s a statue of the King Albert I, there are a trees (such a good description right?) and there are stores if you’d like this shop. But as they say “A picture is worth a thousand words” so here it goes.


#2 La Cinematek

Mon havre de paix. As they say in french. My safe place, my heaven, my everything. I love movies, so anytime I feel low, you could most definitely find me there. All kind of movies will be found there. You, dear movie lover, will find a happy place there.



#3 Le Bois de la Cambre

Well I go there at least (the very least) once a year. Why? Because there the 24h on bike of the scouts. And as I said in one of my previous post I’m a scout chief. But now as I study in Brussels I get to wander a little bit more around there. It’s a huuuuuge park, with a beautiful lake in the middle. Now I won’t recommend you to jump and take a swim there but it’s cute, and you’ll definitely have some instagram material there.


#4 Le Parc Royal

During my high school years, I used to come there to the theater -because yes, I can combine most of my passions here in Brussels-, there’s the Theatre Royal Du Parc that is somewhere between the trees. Now that I’m in uni, I go there to study during my spring break, and also to go the theater once in while -my love for arts, no matter what art it is, is bigger than earth-.



#5 Etangs d’Ixelles

Now this spot I discovered with one of my dearest friend in uni. She lives in that part of Brussels. And one day that I was over, we decided to go there to spend the day and relax. Tbh, I didn’t even know that place existed. And now I’m so glad I know it.


Till next time,



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