Hiiiii people.

It’s 5.31 am here as I start my post.  I’m kinda sick and I have insomnia, so I decided to go to wordpress and start a new blog post. As you can tell by the title I’m gonna list you here the movies I’m way to excited about. Now please remember that I live in Belgium, so that means that some of the movies were already out in the US but not here.


This one has to be the number one movie I want to watch. It’s been out since August in the US, and I’ve been dying to watch it since then. I’ve seen all the trailers you could find tbh. Everything about this movie makes me want to watch it. Whether it’s the actors Emma Roberts and Dave Franco are BAE since forever. I used to love Emma on Unfabulous and obviously on AHS -which is one of my favorite show- and of course how to not love Chanel Oberlin on Scream Queens. Dave has also been one of my celebrity crushes for a while now. I really started falling in love with him on Now You See Me I though. But whether it’s NYSMII or Neighbors or 22 Jump Street I just can’t help but fall in love even more. Now the plot of the movie seems actually kinda of realistic… I mean this definitely happen/will happen at some point. Although not with the same proportions. And that’s what I love about it. A normal game of truth or dare -minus truth- gone wrong. Because it can happen to anyone. I’ll probably do a review on that one after I’ll watch it for all my European fellas over there. I gotchu people.


A Disney movie with a princess that is not actually white? HAHAHAH jk. I know there aren’t only white princesses. Pocahontas, Jasmine and Esmeralda (not a princess but you get my point) were definitely my favorites -With Megara from Hercules but she’s not technically a princess either-. Oh, and Elena from Avalor is queen let’s be honest -this one is for all my Latina bitches over there-. Moana is definitely a Disney I’m looking for to watch. After the huge hit of Frozen and Finding Dory (insert heart-eye emoji), Moana has to make bigger hit. I’ve seen loads of trailer, and so far I dig it. I think what I like the most about it, is that is going to have so many legends and myths from the Polynesia Islands. I really do hope Disney respected the legends and didn’t change them or mention them at all.

#3 Pirates Of The Caribbean : Dead Men Tell No Tales

Well, well, this one is no to be set till May 2017 in the US but what the hell. The first trailer was released a couple days ago, so uhm yeah. I’ve known about this movie being made since probably 2015. It’s been almost 2 years of me waiting for that movie to come. The Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise has to one of my favorites -after Harry Potter duh-. When the first movie came out though, I wasn’t a huge fan. It wasn’t until my pre-teenager/early middle of my teenagers years that I became obsess. Johnny Depp has always been one of my favorites actors. I love the fact that this guy can literally play any role and not have just one people compared him to -actors like Daniel Radcliffe “unfortunately” will always be compared to Harry Potter because of the impact it had-. So a movie that has Johnny Depp on it, that talks about Pirates? Well ok, why not I told myself when my mother finally allowed me to watch it #sadbuttrue. So I watched the Third installment of the series actually, and still till this day it’s my favorite one. AND I LOVED IT. So I decided to watch the first one and the second one and the third one again and the fourth one and… and… and… There were no movie left. So I started looking, if they were making another one, or will I be stuck watching those 4 forever. And THEY DID DECIDE TO MAKE ANOTHER ONE. BEST. DAY. EVER. So based on the trailer, we can already tell that our dearest Jack Sparrow got himself in trouble again. His nemesis -whom it looks like it’s gonna be- is Capitán Salazar -get the Spanish vibe-. The trailer looks perfect so far. I actually wonder who that cute guy is on this movie, and will he have a major role?


As a Potterhead, it is my duty to watch this movie. Will it be as good as the Harry Potter franchise? We shall see. But the trailer looks amazing. I have to say though, that I’m guilty of not reading the book. I’ve probably read the entire Harry Potter series a billion times, but I’ve never read Fantastic Beasts, so it’s all pretty new for me. I’m kinda ashamed of that honestly. I hope it is AT LEAST as good as Harry Potter (though I doubt it because nothing is better than Harry Potter but you get my point). I’m going to the avant-premier here in my city on the 16th of November, I’ll tell you my thoughts about it, don’t worry.


#5 Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

So again a movie which I didn’t read the book first that I’m going to watch. GOD TIM BURTON IS BACK. Like he never left but you get it. He has to be one of my favorites creators. His quirkiness and his choices for actors (Queen Helena Boham-Carter, let’s not even talk about Johnny Depp) are everything and more. So when I heard there would another Tim Burton movie this year -the first one being Alice In Wonderland Looking Through The Mirror Glass- I was so down for it. I’ve watched the trailer LITERALLY yesterday before my insomnia, and I was so curious and so into the movie before even watching it. I really hope it is as good as it looks like. Honestly other than what it is said on this trailer, and it really looks great, so I hope it is haha.


It is 10.15 p.m. as I end my post.

Till next time,



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