In college you’ll meet so many different people. Yet you can always put them in groups of some sort.

#1 The Life Of The Party

When in college you’ll meet loads of them. To be honest, they’re everywhere. You’ve probably already seen them. You know, the ones that shows up to class with a killer hangover. Those kids have no rules, or probably just one : PARTY HARD. Because they live in a dorm/alone/with friends, they have no parents to tell them they can’t do that. So if they want to go out, they will. It’s as easy as that. They’ll try to drag you in their plans every single day. Let them drag you once in a while, seriously enjoy. Just remember you’re in college for your studies, not for the party.

#2 The Drugs Aren’t All Bad

College is where you’ll try everything (except if you’ve already done that in High School, then sorry you won’t learn anything new). You’ll make friends who like to smoke weed/marijuana. If you want to try it, go for it. Nobody’s gonna judge you, because you tried once. But don’t let it take control of everything. If you want to enjoy the occasional pot, well do it…? (I tried it once, never doing it again haha, but that’s me) But as I said for the above, don’t lose focus of your studies please.

#3 The Library Is My Second Home

You’ll also meet the nerds one, that since first week of college have been studying for the finals in January. Yes these people are real. They’re are the stressed out (#twentyonepilots) community. They pretty much have straight A’s, they excel at every class, and they probably have those notes you didn’t get because you were too hungover. They are people that do not enjoy uni life to the fullest with everything that experience has to offer. They focus too much on studies (which is good too! don’t get me wrong) and they lose sight of fun. These ones will probably be your best friends during finals, just don’t take too much advantage of them.

#4 The I-Don’t-Go-To-Class

College isn’t like high school. If you don’t go to class nobody gives a f*ck #truestorybro. Everyone has that friend that only goes to the classes where you’re in smaller groups and the teachers take attendances. If you skip class once or twice because you were tired/hungover/watching the last episode of PLL/GoT/Teen Wolf it won’t be the end of times. Just keep in mind that they are some things that aren’t in the syllabus and that the teacher said in class. So if you do end up skipping a class, don’t forget to ask someone for their notes.

#5 The Sorority/Frat Sister/Bro

This type will probably end up being your best friend. You’ll live so much together whether it’s going to parties, being hungover, drinking so much coffee while studying that your blood actually turns into coffee,… that you won’t be able to dissociate yourself from that person. They’re your study buddy, your party animal twin, etc. They’ll be there through thick and thin because they know by heart since you’ve lived this whole “becoming a sorority sister/frat bro” together, whether you knew each other before or not.


These are some of the types of friends you’ll make/meet in college (based on my own knowledge, nothing here is made from mean thoughts, only things I’ve noticed). OF COURSE, there are others types!

Till next time,



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