You would’ve told me 1 year ago, that I will give you tips on how to ace your year, I would’ve probably laughed at you and tell you you’re completely nuts. I’m not the study type. I’m a huge procrastinator, and I study at last minute. Yet I’ve started this college year with goals to achieve. So I’m using every tips and tricks I know of to achieve them (and that I know they work). There goes a list of everything that can help you ace those finals.


I know, I know : wtf? Why on earth would you study second week of college? Well if you start studying at the beginning of your cursus you’ll have less to study during your last week before finals get me? Now I’m not saying that you have to go to the library every day since the second week. No, for God’s sake no. Only that you have to read/study your notes every time you get back home/dorm/whatever. That’ll take you 30mins to 1hour max and you’ll be thankful for that later.


Reading in advance the syllabus can help you so much more. Let me explain. If you’ve already read what the teacher was about to talk in the next class, you’ll understand it faster AND you’ll be able to ask the teacher the things you didn’t understand while pre-reading it, instead of waiting the class after the one you just had. Also, if you pre-read it, you already noticed what is important, if there are some definitions, etc and you won’t waste time during class writing it down or highlighting it.


That one is gold. Trust me. You don’t even know how much time you’ll be saving by using this one. We all know how much time it takes to make a summarize of our lessons. But if you make a table of contents OF YOUR OWN then it will take you at least twice/three times less time than the other option and you’ll gain like 4points just by doing so (here in Belgium, our tests are graded out of 20). So how to make a table of contents of your own you shall ask, well it’s really easy to be honest. First read the chapter/lesson till the end (really important to read it till the end, you can’t summarize/make a table of contents of something you haven’t read till the end), then highlight the important parts of it (definitions, theorems, explanations, schemes,…), after that you will try to summarize those concepts in a word/short phrase, afterwards you’ll list them as they go, and with what they relate to. Here I’ll give you an example (in French so sorry) of what it could look like.


Till next time,



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