Whether you’ve read the books or only watched the movies (you should read the books if you haven’t already trust me) Harry Potter has a HUGE fan base #wheremyfellowpotterheadsat. I love Harry Potter, my favorite book has to be Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban. I’ve been reading the whole series + watching the movie for the past 3weeks. So I wanted to talk about my obsession with Harry Potter with you, and maybe you’ll end up as much of a fan as I am or at least you’ll read it/watch it.

First, you’ll fall in love with this poor kid who’s lost his parents and lives with his means uncles and horrible cousin. And honestly all those characters are lovable, except Crabbe hate the kid ugh. But you’ll fall in love with Neville, Luna, Bellatrix, Sirius, and the list goes on and on and on. The characters have each something that makes them special. And that what makes them beautiful #onedirectionfeelshere.

Second, the story of how he defeats the dark forces and passing his class is goals. In the movies it’s not really shown but in the books they have loads of homework and Hermione ends up helping Ron & Harry finishing them because she’s that smart. It’s also a story about friendship, choices and knowing that there comes a time when you have to let it go. And there’s magic that adds its plus. Everything is better with magic isn’t it? #wingardiumleviosa

Third, the spells are amazing, and there are things that you can’t do with magic like : You can’t make food out of magic, it’s part of the 5things magic can’t do. My favorite spell has to be the Patronus Charm “Expecto Patronum” is my favorite spell, if not this one is probably one of the forbidden spells. Out of those 3, my favorite one is the Cruciatus Curse “Crutio”, there’s something about this curse that I love, although I wouldn’t dare to use it, unless I really have to.

Fourth, the books are really good, and the stories are amazing and you can relate all the characters together in a giant genealogy tree. When you realize that, it blows your mind. J.K. Rowling really did think of everything. Honestly there’s no movie/book I love more than the Harry Potter’s series. It brings you everything a book has to.

Till next time,



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