One of my favorite topics has to be new languages. I love learning new ones. As for now I can speak 3 (English, French and Spanish) and I’m learning Italian, Portuguese and Dutch (I HAVE to learn Dutch because I live in Belgium). I learn Italian and Portuguese by myself, and Dutch at uni. Probably next year I’ll take Italian classes. I have a B1 level in Italian, A2 in Portuguese and A2 in Dutch. So today I want to give you tips on how to learn by yourself languages.

1. Websites

There are some pretty good websites where you can learn languages, my favorite one is “www.duolingo.com” (This one has an app too! You can download it both on the Apple store and on the Playstore) . I use this one for Italian and Portuguese, well also for Dutch because now I’m on holidays so I don’t have classes but I still need to learn it so. I really like this one because it’s free, you can both write and speak with this one and I really like the different levels.

2. Series

That’s how many people here learn English actually. So I figured out that it could work with other languages and it does! I’ve sought Italian and Portuguese shows (actually I’m still seeking a Portuguese one). And it helps me so much. I’m watching “Tutto può succedere” it’s an Italian telenovela (I’m latino, I love telenovelas haha). Now I understand pretty much everything of what they say. But to start you need watch with subtitles in the language you’re watching the show with. So if you’re watching a French show in French your subtitles need to be in French too, so you can visualise the words your hearing.

3. Travel

Here in Europe it’s so easy to travel. Basically no frontiers and you can find plane tickets for 25€. While travelling try to not use English -too basic-, try to listen to the people talking and try to understand them. You’ll learn faster and easier than with any other way. Plus you’ll learn about the culture while touristing around the city.

Till next time,



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