It’s near midnight here in Belgium, but I really needed to get it done. Honestly inspiration is really important for a blogger. This is why I haven’t posted in 2days, in French they call it “Le syndrome de la page blanche”, it’s pretty much having a lack of inspiration. I have loads of drafts already saved and almost finished, but I wasn’t inspire to finish them. And that’s actually what inspired me to write this post. Because it’s actually a question I ask myself when I don’t know what to write about. Where do I find inspiration? How will I keep up with my posts if I have no idea what to write about? Well I’ve come up with some answer that actually helped me -so I hope I’ll finish those drafts- and I hope it’ll help you!

1. Museums

Okok, I don’t go to museums every single day. But once in a while aka sporadically -thanks Cher- I like to visit one so it’ll get ideas in my brain, whether it is a fashion museum, an art one or even an historical one. My favorite one by far has to be the Louvre. I live 3hours away from Paris so it’s easy for me to go there. I could spend the whole day in the Louvre I love every painting and every sculptures. But to visit it correctly you have to stay at least 5days only doing that. I hope one day I’ll do it. Anyway, museums are a good way to find inspiration, the paintings hide so many secrets and you can spend the entire day trying to find them.

2. Nature

This one sounds cheesy but it’s true. Go take a walk, you’ll get fresh air, hear the birds sing, you’ll just see the beautifulness of the world and it will clear up your mind and you’ll see things differently. Plus, you could take some great pictures for your Instagram.

3. Pinterest

What? Yes. Pinterest has a bunch of ideas that could inspire you to do many things, I use Pinterest when I want to do a new smoothie, when I need a DIY or anything. When I’m bored I just scroll through my feed and I always end up with something good.

4. Libraries

Probably the most important one. BOOKS. Yes people BOOKS. Books are everything to me, I read every day and libraries are my sanctuary. The stories books tell you, take your mind elsewhere, they make your imagination work and that’s fantastic. Even if it’s a philosophic book, then it’s gonna teach you something or open your mind to another point of view. Books are the main sh*t when it comes to inspiration, trust me on that one.

I hope it’ll help you with your “syndrome de la page blanche”!

Till next time,



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