So if you read the post “What you need to know about me” you’ll know that I was a college freshman in business this past year. And if you didn’t, well now you do! If you read it, you would also know that I’m switching to communication this year. Why? Because I hate economics and that’s pretty much all there is in business. So here is a list of what I wish I knew before starting college and I hope it’ll be helpful to you because it sure would’ve been for me had I known.

1. Choose for yourself

PRAISE THIS ONE. Choose your studies because you want to. PLEASE. I didn’t. And look, now I’m switching. I did it for my parents because they both did those studies and they wanted me too. But it didn’t fit me and I don’t like it. So if you have to learn one thing from me is to choose your studies because you like them, because you want to study that. Don’t choose your future job knowing that you will hate your studies. Choose your studies because your future job might not even exist yet.

2. Mean girls don’t magically disappear when you go to college

One thing my naive mind thought was that in college nobody cared and that nobody judged. FALSE. It’s not because you go to college that you suddenly gain maturity and you become a grown-up. Mean people are still there. People that aren’t mature enough to realize that it is stupid to criticize and judge someone because of what they’re wearing, of what their beliefs are, of who they are. These people need to grow up, and they will, with time.

3. Procrastinate wisely

If you’re like me, you’re probably the biggest procrastinator in the entire world. And in uni, you have assignments that are due to a certain date. And you HAVE to do them. And they CAN’T be done the day before. So : how do we do them? Well or you start doing them the day you receive it so you’ll finish it before the dead line and you’ll don’t have to worry about your Netflix dates till 3am. Or you set an alarm/reminder 2 weeks before the due date and you start working from there on. It’s up to you. Or you procrastinate before or after but do your assignment. And of course, you don’t have to do it all in one day, but little by little till you’re done. I like to do it the day I receive it, so I know that if there’s a day that my brain is a little off I still have plenty of them to finish it. But honestly that doesn’t happen very often. I’m working on my procrastination, I’ll keep you updated!

4. Enjoy

THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE. Enjoy your stay in college. Enjoy those pizzas at 2am, the parties till 6am, the coffee/Redbull that keeps you awake in class, the study groups, the meltdowns after 8hours of studying, the vine videos you’ll end up watching after 8hours of studying, that video about how to kiss on Howcast -Yes I ended up on that video-  after those 8hours of studying. Enjoy every bit while you still can. Because college isn’t forever and you’ll end up missing it. How do I know that? My cousins told me haha. Remember, I’m only 18. But honestly this year has been the greatest year ever. I’ve enjoyed every part of it and I don’t regret it at all. Every person/soul I met this year has brought/taught me so many things. So please enjoy your stay.

Till next time,



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