Before I decided to start my own blog, I checked pretty much any blog I could find and any youtube videos that talked about creating your own blog. I used to have a Skyblog back in elementary school, long story short : embarrassing name, not funny, pictures of me and writing like I was texting pretty much. I had this whole idea of having a blog, since I’d read “The Clique” Margo had a blog, and it seemed so cool, that I wanted one too. But I was too young and I had no idea what I wanted to write. Then “Gossip Girl” came in, and my desire grew. Now here we are, probably 5years later. There goes the list people.


My favorite one, I feel like this one is my bible, it inspires me so much, through their articles. No matter if it’s blog related or just life related, trust me, there are answers for everyone and everything.


I found this one thanks to Alexa Chung’s “Future of Fashion” series on British Vogue. And till this day, I’m still checking it out every day, for advice, for fun. This blog is so much fun, the dick-shun-ary part has to be my favorite.


Queen Vanessa Hudgens’s blog. This one is a cool one when your with your girls. It’s girly stuff, quizzes, advice on boys/relationships/…,… It’s a really laid back blog, for those afternoon full of boredom.


I’ve discovered this one through Zanita’s one to be honest. But I like it too. Brittany wrote some of my favorite articles back on Zanita’s blog, so I decided to check hers. And it’s pretty darn good.


Sara was my favorite blogger on “Fashion Bloggers”. I use her blog whenever I need fashion advice. Her style is really neat, and I love that. When I have to dress for a party, I’m always checking her blog and try to copy one of her styles.

Hope you’ll like them! Feel free to tell me what your favorite blogs are on the comments!

Till nex


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