Fashion has always been part of my life, I love watching the runaways and I’m always trying to know what’s going on the fashion world, what are the new trends,… Although I have my own style and sometimes it doesn’t fit with those trends, I still like to be informed of them so maybe I can try and incorporate them in my look. Fashion shows/shows were fashion is really important are my favorites, alongside runaways, catwalks. Here I’ll give you a list of my favorites ones.

1. Fashion Bloggers

Probably my favorite one, a show about fashion bloggers and their rise to the fame in Australia.

2. House Of DVF

How does it feel like to work with DVF?

3. Future Of Fashion

Alexa Chung reveals the secrets of the fashion industry on this youtube series from British Vogue.

4. Fashion Police

The title speaks for itself.

5. Gossip Girl

You know you love it, xoxo Gossip Girl.

6. The Carrie Diaries

And then I realized, I just lost my virginity, but not to the man I hoped, but to a different man… Manhattan!

Here are a couple of my favorite ones, hope you’ll like them!

Till next time,




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