To be honest with you, I’ve never believed in that kind of things. Astrology, palm readers, tarots,… But recently, during a study break back in June -Actually there was no study that day, just a break, an entire day off, with maybe 10minutes of studying but that was pretty much it-, I ended up on “Astral and Opal” Vanessa Hudgens’s blog with a post about what hair color to get depending on your sign. I was skeptical, but again I was having a meltdown because of all that study. So I checked it out, honestly I don’t even know what I got for my sign -which is Libra for your information-, and I wondered how on Earth do they know what hair color fits you depending on your sign. So I googled my sign and its characteristics, and I found so many pages of so many things that includes : your love life, sex life, work life, what kind of job fits you, what sign is your soulmate, and the list goes on. I read everything and anything I could find, and I ended up a believer. Jk. But no. Actually my sign describes my personality pretty well with its flaws and its qualities. Libras are indecisive, impulsive, want to be liked by everyone, all of these are pretty accurate -for me-. But there are other characteristics that don’t correspond me at all, I’m not emotionally cold, at least I don’t think so. But mostly why I think that my sign describe me pretty well, it’s because it says the same thing my MBTI chart says about me. I’m an ENFP and a really good one. And my ENFP characteristics match my Libra’s ones. But I didn’t immediately trust what astrology/horoscopes said about me, because my mom and I share the same sign yet we’re really different -as a matter of fact she’s an ISTJ and as you can tell is the opposite of the ENFP- so I started checking it out, googling it even more. Then I realized that it’s not only about your sign, but also about when you were born, the year, the time of the month, the moon cycle, the sun,… so I guess it is normal that my mom and I don’t share the same aspects of a Libra.

To end this I’d say that maybe I believe I’m a true Libra, but when it comes to daily horoscopes, what sign is your soulmate, … I don’t trust those.

Hope it was helpful to you, it’s only my point of view on the matter, feel free to tell me yours on the comments.

Till next time,




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